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Theo Michel

International Tax Practice



Coming to Thorn Law Group from France, Theo Michel serves as an International Tax Advisor at our firm. He lends his knowledge in foreign taxation matters to clients holding offshore business and personal bank accounts so as they may come into compliance with Massachusetts voluntary disclosure requirements.

Practice Overview

Mr. Michel’s work with the firm focuses on helping clients located in the Boston region, throughout the U.S. and abroad resolve sensitive tax-related issues and problems, including matters involving:

  • Tax Reporting Compliance. Works with individual and corporate clients to help craft plans and strategies that meet reporting obligations tied to the holding of foreign bank accounts and assets. He also assists clients who participate in cross-border investment activities. 
  • FATCA Reporting. Helps educate and inform clients on the strict reporting rules governing non-U.S. financial accounts set forth in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
  • International Tax. Assists individual taxpayers, companies, domestic and foreign financial institutions, trusts and other entities with a broad array of international tax controversies and challenges.
  • Voluntary Disclosures of Offshore Accounts. Works with eligible clients who have unreported offshore accounts enter the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. 
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Practice Areas

  • Business Tax Law
  • Criminal Tax Law
  • Offshore Bank Accounts
  • International Tax/FATCA
  • IRS Voluntary Disclosure
  • IRS Audits & Litigation

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