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Arts Cannabis Entertainment Real Estate Sports

Augusta, Maine Tax Lawyer

Thorn Law Group, led by former IRS attorney Kevin E. Thorn, is comprised of a team of highly respected and sought-after legal tax professionals. We help clients in Maine, across the U.S. and around the world on complicated tax issues, including IRS Tax Audits & LitigationOffshore Bank Account ReportingInternational Tax & FATCA Reporting, IRS Voluntary Disclosure & Maine Tax Disclosure, Criminal Tax Investigations, Fine Arts Law, Pro Sports Contracts, TV & Movie Contracts, Entertainment Taxation, Real Estate Transactions, Cannabis Tax, and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Tax.


If you are an individual or business owner in Augusta, Maine that needs expert legal tax advice, you need the law firm of Thorn Law Group on your side. I am Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group. As a former attorney with the IRS and United States Tax Court, I gained valuable experience on what is needed to bring the most complicated tax cases to favorable resolutions. Because of this, our firm can offer individuals and businesses in Augusta, Maine an unmatched level of legal tax services.

We are respected both domestically and abroad for our aggressive client representation and reputation for success. Our firm works with a wide range of clients and have the necessary experience required to settle the most complex tax issues and controversies. I am pleased to work with my carefully chosen team of legal professionals that all have an excellent understanding and experience with IRS and Maine tax law. Rest assured we will handle your case with the highest level of professionalism from beginning to end.


Trying to solely manage an IRS legal tax issue without the right law firm can be mistake. Thorn Law Group specializes in IRS and Maine tax law with over 40 years of proven experience. We have the knowledge to assist you with your tax problem and achieve a favorable resolution. Having a Maine tax lawyer by your side is critical to help guide you towards a positive resolution to your case.


Thorn Law Group has the most comprehensive IRS tax services in Maine. We are ready to hear from you and begin working on an individualized solution strategy for your specific tax issue.

To schedule a consultation with Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn at Thorn Law Group call 617-692-2989 or email Maine Tax Lawyer today and discuss your legal options.

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