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Criminal Tax Law

IRS Criminal Tax Investigations


At Thorn Law Group, we represent Boston taxpayers and businesses being investigated by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. Our tax lawyers specialize in defending individuals, businesses and business owners facing IRS criminal investigations.  Our experience with tax laws, as well as banking and financial laws, enables us to best advise you on the IRS’ case and what alternatives may be available to you or your business.

Criminal Tax Investigations must be taken seriously!

The IRS has a special unit dedicated to investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes including money laundering, currency crimes, antitrust violations and Bank Secrecy Act violations.  This unit, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (“CI”) is composed of Special Agents who are expertly trained financial investigators.  CI Special Agents are trained in law enforcement techniques and tactics, such as wiretaps, search warrants and undercover operations.  These agents aggressively conduct exhaustive, in-depth investigations into individuals and businesses to uncover tax and financial crimes, including:

  • General Tax Fraud & Tax Evasion
  • Return Preparer Fraud
  • Questionable Refunds
  • Abusive use of Foreign & Domestic Trusts
  • Frivolous Filer/Non-Filer
  • Employment Tax Fraud
  • Excise Tax Fraud
  • Financial Institution Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Public Corruption
  • Offshore Bank Account Abuse
  • Narcotics-Related Issues
  • Organized Crime Issues

Call the Experienced Boston Criminal Tax Attorneys at Thorn Law Group - Because a Criminal Investigation Demands Skilled Legal Representation

By the time a taxpayer becomes aware of a CI investigation, it has likely been ongoing for many months, if not years.  Therefore, it is best to immediately contact an attorney experienced in dealing with IRS Criminal Investigations as soon as you learn, or even begin to suspect, that CI is investigating you.   

Contact a Boston criminal tax attorney at Thorn Law Group today to see how we can meet your tax and litigation needs.  For a consultation, contact Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner, at ket@thornlawgroup.com or (617) 692-2989.

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