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"As soon as I was contacted by my Offshore Bank regarding my undisclosed offshore bank account I called Thorn Law Group.  My consultation with Managing Partner Kevin Thorn was very informative.  He thoroughly explained to me how the 2014 IRS Amnesty Program worked and the procedures needed to help me avoid costly penalties or worse incarceration.  The fact that they are former IRS tax attorneys gave me the peace of mind and confidence in their firm’s ability to resolve my dispute without any problems.  If you have a tax related issue call Thorn Law Group!"

- Former Client


"Like most people I don’t like dealing with lawyers and these days it’s rare to find a law firm that is sincere, fair, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile for their clients.  Thorn Law Group is that type of firm.  When I came in for my consultation I was impressed by the level of expertise they had on the matter of undisclosed offshore bank accounts.  Their firm saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax penalties.  They are professional, timely, and former IRS attorneys that have the experience and knowledge to resolve any tax related issue you may have.   I would recommend their law firm without any reservations."

- Former Client


"Working with Thorn Law Group to get my offshore bank account in agreement with the IRS’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act was the right move.  They were organized, professional, and very knowledgeable on the steps needed to help my business come back into tax compliance with the IRS.  What I also liked was personal service I received from Managing Partner, Kevin Thorn who was always available to answer all of my questions or concerns.  I would highly recommend Thorn Law Group to any business with serious tax related issues!"

- Former Client


"When I read about the IRS cracking down on U.S. citizens with undisclosed offshore bank accounts I wasn’t sure what the ramifications were for me and which law firm to hire.  After searching carefully online I chose Thorn Law Group and was so happy I did!  They were able to clearly explain what the 2014 IRS Voluntary Disclosure program meant to my wife and I and the process needed for us to avoid substantial penalties.   I was truly impressed by the level of experience and expertise provided by their firm."

- Former Client


"I initially made the mistake of trying to resolve my undisclosed offshore bank account dispute with the IRS directly on my own.   I quickly came to realize that I was overwhelmed and uninformed of the intricacies involved into coming back into compliance with the IRS.   I can’t stress the importance of hiring an experienced law firm and through some research I was able to find Thorn Law Group.  They are former IRS tax attorneys that understand how the IRS operates and what steps are needed to resolve any tax dispute you may have.  Don’t make the same mistake as me.. call Thorn Law Group and resolve your tax problem the proper way."

- Former Client

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Boutique Tax Law Firm that has Experienced Attorneys

Thorn Law Group is a boutique tax law firm that has experienced attorneys to deal with civil and criminal tax controversies, and tax litigation. The firm has represented 100s of clients in the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs for 2009, 1012 and 2014. Mr. Thorn has extensive experience in tax controversies, criminal audit, international tax, IRS’s amnesty program and other complicated tax issues. Mr. Thorn, an astute negotiator, has gained a reputation as the “go to” lawyer for IRS Voluntary Disclosures throughout the country and around the world.

Thorn Law Group uses its more than 40 years of combined experience to resolve clients’ issues. The Partners at the Thorn Law Group are former IRS Attorneys and such experience in many cases is the difference maker in negotiating the best settlement. The associates at the firm have been educated at some of the best educational institutions in the world, and in some instances have received law degrees from foreign countries including but not limited to China, India and France.

-Kim Sim, Review of Thorn Law Group, , Rating 5/5

Helped Us Ensure Our Complex Internal Accounts are in Compliance

Kevin Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, is an excellent adviser. My family and I are US citizens living in Europe and the US. Mr. Thorn helped us to understand our opportunities for international investments and estate planning issues so that my siblings and I may continue to further the growth of our businesses, to care for our aging parents and provide for our children. Mr. Thorn and his team were sensitive to our family’s needs and helped us identify and understand our options and potential risks associated with US and international activity. They also helped us to ensure our complex structure of international accounts and asset holdings are in compliance with US tax and disclosure laws through the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure program. I highly recommend Kevin Thorn and the dedicated attorneys at Thorn Law Group.

-Elena Cardaropoli, Review of Thorn Law Group, , Rating 5/5

Experience in all phases of tax controversy, fraud and tax litigation

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group, PLLC have significant experience in all phases of tax controversy, fraud and tax litigation. The Managing Partner, Kevin Thorn, is incredibly personable, yet also brilliant at what he does.

Kevin’s depth of knowledge in tax administration and procedure provides us with valuable insight into the government’s and the courts’ perspectives in our case. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone with needs in resolving any kind of tax disputes.

-Stephanie Tee, Review of Thorn Law Group, , Rating 5/5

Kevin Thorn and his team resolved my case

Kevin E. Thorn and the tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group are exceptional. When I came to them, I had just received a letter from the Department of Justice concerning an undisclosed bank account at a Swiss bank. I thought I was going to go to jail and lose everything I had worked for just because my family and my business are international. Mr. Thorn’s knowledge of the tax laws and his skills in presenting my situation to the IRS and Department of Justice proved superior! Mr. Thorn proved to be a compassionate attorney when listening to me and addressing my concerns, as well as a passionate advocate when fighting for me with the government. The whole process was much less painful than I expected thanks to his expert advocacy. I can sleep at night now that Kevin Thorn and his team have resolved my case. I highly recommend Kevin Thorn to anyone with issues before the IRS or department of Justice.

-Emma Zdon, Review of Thorn Law Group, , Rating 5/5

Mr. Thorn helped put my mind at ease

Mr. Thorn and the attorneys at Thorn Law Group were so knowledgeable about the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program and about the way the IRS Criminal Investigation Division works.

Mr. Thorn helped put my mind at ease and walked me through the whole Voluntary Disclosure process. With the help of Thorn Law Group, and Mr. Thorn specifically, we were able to get back into compliance and were able to avoid criminal prosecution.

I would highly recommend Thorn Law Group!

-M Patel, Review of Thorn Law Group, , Rating 5/5

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