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Kevin E. Thorn

Managing Partner

Highly Skilled Boston Tax Attorney

Mr. Thorn is widely regarded throughout Boston, New York, New Jersey, the New England area, and around the world as one of the “Best” Entertainment attorneys, IRS litigation attorneys, business law attorneys, contract law attorneys, art and sports attorneys, and real estate attorney.  He is especially known for and highly sought after for his experience in handling sophisticated national and international business issues, “entertainment company or entertainer issues,” complicated contract issues, “art issues,” “professional athlete or professional sports team issues,” US and foreign trust issues, banking issues, high net-worth wealth planning issues, production company planning issues and/or tax law controversies. 

Most often, he is the “Go-to-Guy” to solve the most complicated legal issues and is without a doubt the one attorney put on most clients' shortlist. Whether a client is trying to solve a complicated issue with the IRS during a tax audit, disclose an unreported offshore bank account, perform major tax and business planning inside or outside the US, or if a client is trying to develop, package, and/or pitch a project to an entertainment company, Mr. Thorn is with a doubt the attorney to hire in all of those situations.  His network of producers, talent, screenwriters, production companies, TV and Movie studios is unmatched in the entertainment industry.  

He represents individuals, businesses and entertainment clients involved in all types of civil and criminal litigation and contract planning.  The types of disputes Mr. Thorn is involved in are including but not limited to: business law, entertainment law, art law, sports law, criminal tax lawinternational tax-FATCAoffshore bank accounts, IRS voluntary disclosure, civil IRS examinations, criminal IRS investigationsIRS audits and litigation, and ethics and professional responsibility matters. 

Mr. Thorn’s client list includes national and international clients, high net worth individuals, Offshore Family Offices, US and non-US businesses, insurance companies, trusts, entertainers, entertainment companies, actors, artists, models, dancers, professional athletes, professional sports organizations, scriptwriters, producers, agents, theatres, authors, and musicians.  He provides his services to these clients in the areas of contract drafting, contract disputes, business litigation, IRS disputes, art issues, sports issues, entertainment issues, and the ability to develop effective tax planning, asset protection, and wealth management strategies.

Individuals and businesses throughout the Greater New England region and across the globe turn to Mr. Thorn for his seasoned counsel and skilled advocacy when they are facing serious legal matters, planning for serious legal issues, and/or trying to avoid important legal disputes.

Mr. Thorn has extensive experience representing clients before the various courts and authorities that handle all types of legal cases, including various Federal Courts, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Department of Justice, the United States Tax Courtprofessional responsibility tribunals and state taxing authorities in the New England region and across the country.  With offices strategically located in Boston, Washington, D.C. and the New York/New Jersey region, Mr. Thorn is ideally positioned to advocate for the most advantageous resolution of his clients’ legal issues.

Unique Insight into IRS Procedures

Mr. Thorn worked for many years as an attorney within the Internal Revenue Service and served as a clerk with the United States Tax Court.  This experience has given him a unique understanding of how the IRS and other government authorities investigate tax disputes and enforce U.S. tax laws and regulations. 

Key Contributor to Professional Associations

Mr. Thorn is a highly respected member of and contributor to many professional associations and organizations.  He has spoken on key business and tax law developments before the Federal Bar Association, the ABA, state bar associations, entertainment law organizations, professional athlete organizations, art galleries, and numerous regional and academic conferences.  He has also presented programs to entertainment organizations, actors, artists, professional athletes, professional sports teams,  dancers, models, theatres, banks and financial service providers throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean and other worldwide locations on contract formation, wealth planning, tax planning, taxation,  FATCA, IRS Voluntary Disclosures, and other offshore account reporting responsibilities. 

Please contact Mr. Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner, via 617-692-2989, to see if he can help with any of your legal issues. 

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