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Worcester, Massachusetts Tax Lawyer

Are you an individual or business in Worcester, Massachusetts being investigated the IRS? Thorn Law Group, led by former IRS attorney Kevin E. Thorn, is a team of highly respected and sought-after legal tax professionals. We help clients in Massachusetts, across the U.S. and around the world on complicated tax issues, including IRS Tax Audits & LitigationOffshore Bank Account ReportingInternational Tax & FATCA Reporting, IRS Voluntary Disclosure & Maine Tax Disclosure, Criminal Tax Investigations, Fine Arts Law, Pro Sports Contracts, TV & Movie Contracts, Entertainment Taxation, Real Estate Transactions, Cannabis Tax, and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Tax.


I am Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group. As a former attorney with the IRS and United States Tax Court, I gained first-hand knowledge on what is necessary to bring the most difficult tax cases to favorable resolutions. Our firm can offer individuals and businesses throughout Worcester, Massachusetts a level of legal tax service and expertise not available anywhere else.

Our firm has helped a wide variety of clients and we have the critical knowledge needed to settle the most difficult tax issues and controversies. Our team of legal professionals have a strong understanding and experience with IRS and Massachusetts tax law. We are respected both domestically and abroad for our aggressive client representation and reputation for success.


When facing an IRS tax dispute, it is important having an experienced Worcester, Massachusetts tax lawyer on your side that can make a significant positive impact on your case. Thorn Law Group has the experience and tax law knowledge to get the job done. No matter what kind of tax problem you are struggling with, our firm will pursue every possible way to achieve a favorable result.

Consider Thorn Law Group for your legal guidance needs or counsel for personal or business-related tax matters. Our Massachusetts tax attorney is ready to hear from you and begin working on a personalized resolution plan for your specific tax issue.


Whether the matter is personal or business-related, we want to help you put your tax issues to rest and understand what is at risk when the IRS is examining your accounts. As a client of ours you will receive the most comprehensive IRS and Massachusetts legal tax services. Our firm will work diligently to achieve a successful resolution for your case. 

Contact Managing Partner Kevin E. Thorn today by calling 617-692-2989 or email Massachusetts Tax Lawyer to learn how to proceed in resolving your IRS tax matter.

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