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US Department of Justice

What is The U.S. Department of Justice?

The United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) is the agency that enforces Federal law on behalf of the United States Government.  The Department is led by the Attorney General.  The Tax Division is responsible for the prosecution of cases arising under the Internal Revenue Code and other tax laws of the United States.  The Tax Division works closely with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division to identify violators and develop cases against them. Some enforcement activities of the Tax Division include:

  • Prosecuting individuals for willful violation of tax laws;
  • Seeking civil injunctions against promoters of abusive tax schemes;
  • Enforcing IRS summonses for records of offshore financial transactions; 
  • Attacking the use of foreign bank accounts to evade taxes; and
  • Initiating criminal investigations of suspects in offshore tax evasion cases

The DOJ Criminal Division investigates and prosecutes cases of suspected fraud and other financial, or “white collar,” crimes. DOJ attorneys serve as counsel for the U.S. Government before the Court of Federal Claims and in all Federal trial and appellate courts.  They are skilled litigators, with the resources of the United States government to support them.

For cases brought before the U.S. District Courts (our nation’s trial courts for most Federal litigation), the Office of the United States Attorney is the voice of the Department of Justice.  In Massachusetts, the U.S. Attorney maintains offices in Boston, Springfield and Worcester.  

Washington Experience for New England Clients!

Whether you are the subject of an investigation by a Federal agency, facing prosecution for a criminal offense by the Department of Justice, or even if you find yourself on the receiving end of a subpoena as a witness in a Federal case in which you are not the Defendant, there is no substitute for effective counsel to help you prepare your statement or testimony.  Being questioned or deposed by Government attorneys can be intimidating and emotionally draining.  A witness or suspect who is misunderstood or presents poorly may face additional legal headaches as a result. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to have a former Government attorney on your side?

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