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Let Thorn Law Group Represent You Before the U.S. Tax Court

The United States Tax Court is devoted to hearing tax law cases.  Unlike a jury trial, cases are tried before a single judge who is schooled in the Internal Revenue Code as well as IRS administrative practice and guidance.  Tax Court Judges comes to the bench with years of experience in private practice, Government service, or a combination of the two, so they can be counted on to have a thorough understanding of tax law issues.  Some of the more common types of cases heard by the U.S. Tax Court include disputes involving:

  • Rejection of a taxpayer’s Offer in Compromise (“OIC”) by IRS Appeals;
  • Liens and Levies arising from the denial of a Collection Due Process (“CDP”) request;
  • Tax disputes resulting from a Statutory Notice of Deficiency;
  • Determinations of tax liabilities between business partners; and
  • Actions for equitable relief on behalf of an aggrieved taxpayer.

A growing area of controversy is the question of whether to classify certain workers as independent contractors rather than employees.  For small businesses grappling with slim profit margins and overburdened with paperwork, the tax and payroll implications of this question cannot be overstated.  The U.S. Tax Court has issued many decisions in such “classification” cases.  An experienced tax attorney at the Thorn Law Group can interpret these decisions to help guide businesses in making these important determinations and upholding their legal obligations.

Although the Tax Court is based in Washington, D.C., cases are typically heard in a venue more convenient for the taxpayer, with appeals being taken up by the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals where the taxpayer’s residence or principle place of business is located.  For taxpayers in Massachusetts, there are Federal court facilities in Boston, Springfield and Worcester from which to choose.

Thorn Law Group – Experienced Counsel for Your U.S. Tax Court Case!

As former Judicial Law Clerks for the Honorable Laurence J. Whalen of the United States Tax Court, our attorneys had the privilege of seeing the workings of the court from the inside.  This understanding of practice before the Tax Court is indispensable.  You can trust the legal representation provided by Thorn Law Group – we know how to prepare and effectively argue your case before this specialty court.

To schedule a consultation, or to learn more about how the Thorn Law Group can help you with your tax and legal issues, contact Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner, at ket@thornlawgroup.com or (617) 692-2989.

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