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Archive by Month: October 2014

US Citizens Living Abroad Are Challenged by FATCA

Offshore Account Update

Posted on October 30, 2014

US citizens living abroad likely want to have bank accounts in the country where they live. This is especially true if the ex-patriot is interested in doing business in his new home country or has married a foreign spouse.  Unfortunately, a law passed in 2010 to fight tax evasion is having an adverse impact on the lives of ex-patriots who simply want to be able to have normal banking and investment firm relationships where they live.

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G20 Countries Agree on Plan to Combat Global Tax Evasion

Offshore Account Update

Posted on October 23, 2014

Today, it is easier and faster than ever before to move money and investments around the globe. Many people invest offshore for added gains, diversity of investments or privacy reasons. However, there are also some investors who have put money into offshore bank accounts in order to avoid some of the taxes that are due in their country of residence.

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