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Archive by Year:2016

Tax Crimes and the Penalties That Result From Them

Articles/News, Offshore Account Update

Posted on December 30, 2016

Authorities throughout the United States have been aggressively pursuing individuals suspected of tax evasion, along with the institutions that helped them. Among recent criminal cases include convictions against individuals who helped clients to file fraudulent tax returns; convictions against individuals who ran a fraud ring and collected refunds inappropriately using information from deceased individuals; and a conviction against a man who embezzled $3 million from clients and failed to report the income to the IRS.

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Bitcoin Customer Info Sought Via John Doe Summons

Hot Topics, Offshore Account Update

Posted on December 16, 2016

The IRS has been aggressive in trying to identify hidden funds and collect back taxes. In response to intense offshore investigations which adversely impacted accountholder privacy, many individuals began trading in virtual currencies instead of investing funds offshore.  Now, however, the IRS is aggressively investigating currency trading platforms and is pursuing legal means to obtain information on accountholders.

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Swiss Court Rules on Privacy Issues Related to Tax Evasion

Offshore Account Update

Posted on October 31, 2016

Boston international tax lawyers provide assistance to individuals who have undeclared offshore funds or who are concerned that U.S. taxing authorities are going to obtain information about their offshore investments.  If you want assistance with protecting your financial situation and avoiding or minimizing losses due to tax penalties, you should get legal advice as soon as possible.

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Offshore Accountholders Take Note: More Tax Havens Are Being Uncovered

Offshore Account Update

Posted on October 21, 2016

For those with offshore funds, privacy was often one of the leading reasons for investing in foreign countries. Unfortunately, the long traditions of banking privacy in many offshore financial meccas is quickly coming to an end.  Because of the Swiss Bank Program, many banks from Switzerland are making deals with U.S. authorities for banks to avoid criminal prosecution by providing account holder info to the U.S. government. An increasing number of countries are also entering into agreements to exchange information about offshore accounts in order to try to stop tax evasion.

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Singapore, Australia Agree to Share Information Regarding Offshore Accounts

Offshore Account Update

Posted on September 30, 2016

Throughout the world, investors have always been interested in using offshore bank accounts in countries other than the ones they live in. There are a lot of reasons for wanting to keep money offshore, with privacy of the offshore accounts often one of the major driving forces for keeping money in other countries.  Certain locations in particular, like Switzerland, were known for strict banking privacy laws which would prevent accountholder information from being shared.

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