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Archive by Month: June 2015

CEO Gets Time in Prison for Evading Taxes

Offshore Account Update

Posted on June 26, 2015

Federal authorities take tax evasion seriously and are increasingly pursuing criminal charges against those who hid offshore accounts. Just recently, the CEO of Atlanta-based Circlenet, LLC was sentenced to four months incarceration in a federal prison for having undeclared income and offshore accounts that he had not declared. 

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UBS Whistleblower Now Helping France With Investigation into Tax Evasion


Posted on June 12, 2015

Bradley Birkenfeld is a whistleblower. In 2007, he began providing information to the United States government about activities that were going on at UBS AG. Birkenfeld provided documents, testimony and other information to U.S. authorities demonstrating that UBS AG was using the strict banking privacy laws in Switzerland to help U.S. citizens hide funds in offshore accounts and evade their tax obligations in the United States.

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