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Responding to a PPP Subpoena

Find Out What You Need to Know if You Have Received a PPP Subpoena in Boston

If you have received a federal subpoena related to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), you need to plot your next steps very carefully. Not only must you submit a compliant response, but you must also ensure that your response does not unnecessarily increase your risk of facing prosecution for PPP fraud.

We help individuals and businesses respond to PPP subpoenas in Boston and other major cities along the East Coast. Whether you have been subpoenaed as a suspect, target or witness, our Boston criminal tax lawyer can guide you through your next steps and communicate with the investigating agency on your behalf. While responding to a PPP subpoena can be risky, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case—and working with an experienced IRS criminal tax attorney can mitigate your risk significantly.

What You Need to Know if You Have Received a PPP Subpoena in Boston

Responding strategically to a PPP subpoena starts with making informed decisions. With this in mind, here are some key pieces of information for PPP subpoena recipients in Boston:

Responding to a PPP Subpoena is a Time-Intensive Process

Paycheck Protection Program subpoenas can request voluminous records, and responding can be a time and resource-intensive process. As a result, PPP subpoena recipients should begin their response efforts immediately. This starts with engaging legal counsel to implement a legal hold, develop a document collection and review strategy, and protect the attorney-client privilege.

Submitting a Non-Compliant Response (or Failing to Respond) Shouldn’t Be an Option

Submitting a non-compliant response to a PPP subpoena can have significant negative repercussions. So can ignoring the subpoena entirely. The government’s investigation isn’t going to go away, and failing to submit a compliant response can itself lead to prosecution.

Strict Deadlines and Submission Requirements Apply

When responding to a PPP subpoena, it is imperative to meet the deadlines that apply. It is equally important to comply with the government’s submission requirements. Our IRS criminal PPP attorney can assist you with formulating a response strategy and submitting your response to the investigating agency.  

The Federal Government May Also Be Investigating Through Other Means

Subpoenas are just one of several tools and strategies the federal government uses to investigate PPP fraud. If you are under investigation, avoiding unnecessary consequences will involve executing a comprehensive and coordinated defense based on the current status of the government’s investigation and the specific allegations at hand.

PPP Fraud Investigations Present Substantial Risks

Individuals and businesses targeted in PPP fraud investigations can face a variety of federal criminal charges carrying fines and prison time. By responding to your PPP subpoena appropriately, you can significantly mitigate your risk of prosecution. Our IRS criminal tax attorney can help you with your response. 

Contact a Boston Criminal Tax Lawyer About Your PPP Subpoena in Boston, MA

Have you received a PPP subpoena in Boston? If so, we strongly encourage you to contact a Boston criminal tax lawyer for more information about how to respond. To speak with Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner at Thorn Law Group as soon as possible, call 617-692-2989 now.

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