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IRS Audits

Boston IRS Audit Attorney

Thorn Law Group is dedicated to representing individual taxpayers, small and mid-sized companies, high net worth individuals, partnerships, banks, trusts, and other entities throughout Boston and across the U.S. facing civil audits by the Internal Revenue Service. Our firm understands that tax audits can be highly invasive and stressful and have long-lasting effects on businesses and individuals. Each IRS audit attorney at our Boston firm is committed to resolving tax matters as quickly and discreetly possible while aggressively protecting our clients’ personal and business reputations.

The legal team at Thorn Law Group has a unique and extensive understanding of IRS civil audits. We draw upon our experience as former IRS lawyers to counsel our clients through sensitive and difficult IRS audit situations. Our lawyers have a keen awareness of how the IRS and its agents operate throughout all stages of the audit process. We use this knowledge to develop strategies that bring audits to a close as rapidly as possible while minimizing the taxes and penalties imposed upon our clients.

IRS Tax Audit Process

The IRS institutes audits to validate that the information set forth on a taxpayer’s tax return was properly and accurately reported to the IRS. In order to verify such information, the IRS will use the audit process to carefully review and analyze all income, deductions and expenses reported on the tax return. An IRS audit can involve a wide range of taxes, including income tax, employment tax, estate and gift tax, excise tax, and other related matters.

Taxpayers undergoing an audit can be subject to the imposition of additional taxes as well as interest and penalties. Depending upon the finding of the audit, there may be no required changes to the taxpayer’s reporting and the taxpayer could even receive a refund if there was an overpayment of taxes.

In the event that a tax matter is unable to be successfully resolved through an IRS audit, the taxpayer may elect to file an appeal with the IRS Office of Appeals. When an appeal is filed, a Boston IRS audit attorney at our firm will counsel and represent our clients throughout all stages of the IRS appeals process. Our lawyers are skilled tax attorneys with a strong record of leveraging the IRS appeals process to successfully resolve unfavorable audits. We have an extensive understanding of how the appeals process operates and are often successful in negotiating settlement amounts with the IRS that are lower than total tax owed through the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) program.

While the attorneys at our firm concentrate on resolving tax audit cases administratively at the audit level or through the IRS Office of Appeals, we recognize that under certain circumstances it may be in the best interests of our clients to litigate an unsuccessful case before the United States Tax Court or other federal courts. In these situations, our firm aggressively represents clients throughout all stages of the litigation process.

If you have questions about the IRS audit process would like to discuss your situation with a Boston IRS audit attorney at our firm, contact Thorn Law Group today.

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