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IRS Criminal Tax Investigations

Boston Criminal Tax Attorney:  IRS Criminal Tax Investigations

Thorn Law Group has extensive experience counseling clients in sensitive criminal tax matters.  Our attorneys represent individual taxpayers, professionals, executives, corporations, banks, trusts and other entities in the Boston area, across the United States and around the world.  As former IRS tax attorneys, we have unique insight into how the government investigates and prosecutes criminal tax cases.

The Criminal Investigation (CI) Division of the IRS is responsible for investigating potential criminal violations to the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes.  Nearly 3,700 individuals work for the CI Division worldwide, with approximately 2,600 employees serving as special agents charged with investigating tax, money laundering and certain Bank Secrecy Act violations.  

As schemes to defraud the U.S. government and economy grow more sophisticated, successful investigations and convictions demand keen financial analytical abilities combined with a strong understanding of advanced technology.  The CI agents have expert investigative skills and utilize advanced forensic technology to uncover and scrutinize financial records and data that may have been concealed by various electronic means, including encryption and password protections.  

The CI Division serves as the law enforcement arm of the IRS.  The division’s special agents are responsible for conducting in-depth investigations of businesses and individuals to uncover and combat tax and other currency-related crimes in four interdependent categories established by the IRS:

  1. Legal Source Tax Crimes
  2. Illegal Source Financial
  3. Narcotic-Related Financial Crimes
  4. Counterterrorism Financing

These four IRS programs work to investigate a broad range of tax and financial crimes, ranging from general tax fraud, employment tax fraud and excise tax fraud to undisclosed offshore bank accounts, questionable refunds and abusive use of trusts.  Taxpayers convicted of such unlawful activities may be subject to lengthy prison sentences and often must pay substantial fines, penalties and interest in addition to repaying any back taxes owed.  

Early Action is Critical in IRS Criminal Tax Investigations

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group appreciate that a great deal is at stake when a business or individual becomes the target of an IRS criminal tax investigation.  We also know that early action is critical to achieving a quick and successful outcome when our clients are facing these types of investigations.

Each criminal tax attorney at our Boston office is prepared to aggressively defend and protect our clients’ rights throughout all stages of the criminal tax investigation.  We assist our clients in cooperating with the investigation to the extent required under the law while we work to identify and assert all possible defenses, including the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.    

In the event that criminal charges are filed and the case proceeds to court, an experienced Boston criminal tax attorney in our office will concentrate on preparing the strongest case possible to defend our client against such serious charges.   

For a confidential consultation, or to learn more about how the Thorn Law Group can help you with a criminal or civil tax matter, contact Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner, at (617) 692-2989.

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