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About IRS Voluntary Disclosure in Massachusetts

Massachusetts IRS Voluntary Disclosure Lawyer

Many states, including Massachusetts, have established voluntary disclosure programs designed to encourage individuals and businesses to voluntarily come forward to file and pay back taxes.  These state programs offer taxpayers certain incentives, including reduced penalties or a complete waiver of penalties, in exchange for making a voluntary disclosure of their previously unpaid tax liabilities.    

While these programs tend to operate somewhat less formally than the Federal Government’s Voluntary Disclosure Program, taxpayers in Boston and throughout the greater New England region who are considering making a voluntary disclosure to their state should discuss their situation with an experienced Massachusetts IRS voluntary disclosure lawyer to determine whether a state program is appropriate for their individual circumstances.  

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group have more than 80 years of combined experience advising taxpayers in Boston, across the United States and around the globe with respect to complex tax matters.  Our legal professionals are former IRS attorneys with an in-depth understanding of how the IRS and state revenue departments conduct investigations and enforce tax laws and regulations.  We use our extensive knowledge and professional backgrounds to develop legal strategies and approaches that resolve sensitive tax problems, including unreported income and unpaid taxes, in the most efficient and positive manner possible.  

Federal and State Voluntary Disclosure Programs

When a taxpayer is contemplating making a voluntary disclosure of unpaid tax liabilities to their state government it is critical for the taxpayer to follow specific steps and procedures.  If these tax liabilities involve certain undisclosed offshore or foreign accounts the taxpayer must first apply for and complete the Federal Government’s Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

This federal amnesty program was reopened in 2012 with the goal of encouraging individuals and businesses to make a voluntary disclosure of previously unreported foreign accounts and assets.  The program allows certain taxpayers to reduce their federal civil penalties and avoid potential criminal prosecution by making a voluntary disclosure and complying with all terms and conditions of the program.

Taxpayers making a voluntary disclosure under the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program are subject to strict rules and detailed procedures throughout all stages of the program.  The Massachusetts IRS voluntary disclosure attorneys at Thorn Law Group have represented hundreds of clients participating in this federal amnesty program.  We understand the intricacies of this IRS initiative and have the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate clients through this program as well as the many different voluntary disclosure programs that have been created by state governments across the U.S.

Thorn Law Group Assists with Voluntary Disclosures

Thorn Law Group is committed to helping taxpayers throughout the New England region, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, come into compliance with federal and state tax laws.  Each Massachusetts IRS voluntary disclosure lawyer at our firm understands the extreme penalties and fines taxpayers may be subject to when they fail to properly file and pay their taxes.  State voluntary disclosure programs can offer these taxpayers the potential to reduce or eliminate harsh penalties and avoid intrusive state audits and investigations.  

The legal professionals in our Boston office are well positioned to guide clients through the Massachusetts Voluntary Disclosure Program.  We know how to work with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue as well as revenue authorities across the nation to ensure that our clients are able to resolve their tax issues as quickly as possible while minimizing any penalties and obligations associated with their previously unpaid tax liabilities.  

To learn more about how a Massachusetts IRS voluntary disclosure lawyer can assist you with a voluntary disclosure or another tax related matter, contact Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group at (617) 692-2989.

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