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Do You Need a Boston IRS Voluntary Disclosure Attorney?

Representing Clients throughout the New England Region

Taxpayers in the Boston area who are considering making a voluntary disclosure under the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program should consult with a Boston IRS voluntary disclosure attorney in order to determine whether this program is appropriate for their situation.  

While this federal amnesty program offers certain benefits and incentives to taxpayers who voluntarily come forward to report previously undisclosed offshore accounts and assets, the disclosure process is very complex and the program has many intricacies and caveats that taxpayers need to be aware of before they elect to make a voluntary disclosure.

The tax lawyers at Thorn Law Group have years of experience counseling clients regarding undisclosed foreign accounts.  Through our firm’s Boston office, our attorneys represent individuals, businesses, trusts and other entities in the New England region, including Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.   

Our strategic location in the heart of Boston’s Financial District and within close proximity to the federal courthouse has allowed Thorn Law Group to establish strong ties to Boston’s legal and business communities.  We are recognized as the premier tax law firm in the area with the experience and skills necessary to handle sophisticated offshore account tax law matters.

Former IRS Attorneys

The attorneys at Thorn Law Group have decades of experience working with clients to successfully resolve complex and sensitive tax-related problems.  Our lawyers have worked as trial attorneys with the Internal Revenue Service and are highly familiar with the processes and procedures the IRS uses to examine and investigate foreign accounts and assets.   

Each Boston IRS voluntary disclosure attorney at our firm has an extensive understanding of the recently reopened IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program as well as the IRS’ earlier amnesty programs of 2009 and 2011.  Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients in the Boston region, throughout the United States and abroad to participate in these federal voluntary disclosure programs and enter into compliance with U.S. tax laws and regulatory requirements.   We also have counseled individuals and businesses considering making a voluntary disclosure of previously unpaid tax liabilities to state revenue authorities in Massachusetts and other states across the nation.

When taxpayers are dealing with serious tax matters, they need immediate access to knowledgeable legal counsel with a keen understanding of how the IRS operates.  Our firm aims to deliver seasoned advice, guidance and representation to taxpayers throughout the New England region.  In each tax case that we handle our legal professionals establish strong and effective partnerships with our clients.  We take the time to listen to our clients’ concerns and work closely with them to develop tax and legal strategies that contain costs, limit interruptions and produce positive outcomes.  Our firm is passionate about our work and we are committed to helping our clients resolve their tax issues and get back into legal compliance.

If you have questions about an offshore account or other tax-related matter and would like to discuss your situation with an experienced Boston IRS voluntary disclosure attorney, contact Thorn Law Group at (617) 692-2989 or ket@thornlawgroup.com for a confidential consultation.

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